When you describe your experiment in SEGL environment - first block that you should use is Experiment. It is the parent block for all others.

Inside Experiment may be sub Experiment - may be not, but it is required to add Start and End Blocks.

Parent Experiment doesn't have input and output links, but contains blocks and links inside. Parent Experiment contains next block types:

Block name Required Number of blocks inside Experiment block
Experiment no any
Start yes 1
End yes 1
Solver no any
Condition no any
Condition End no is used in a pair with Condition, number of ConditionEnd = number of Condition blocks in Experiment.
Cycle no any
Fork no any
Merge no any

Sub Experiment has only one input and one output link, Before sub Experiment always Batch link - it means that we have indipendent number of datasets in sub Experiment.

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